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A supportive community, with guidance and motivation to ditch diet culture & eat with happiness

Nude Nutrition Collective

Who We Are

Nude Nutrition Collective is a digital community founded by Registered Dietitian and Intuitive Eating Counsellor Katherine Kimber. 

This community promotes advocating for self in all parts of life, especially pertaining to one's relationship with food.

It brings together like-minded folks who are ready to ditch diet culture, to develop skills, share experiences, receive accountability and feel empowered to trust, honour and listen to our own bodies so that we can find food freedom, happiness and ultimately, improved health and well-being. 

Using Intuitive Eating, Health at Every Size as our guides, this is a space for you to connect & build trust with your higher self, feel more fulfilled and satisfied, and disconnect from the noise around you.

Why You Should Join Us

Moving away from the diet mentality can feel like a lonely road... 

Especially when the world around us is bombarding us with more food rules/calorie counting/numbers, making us become more obsessed with food than ever!

So if you're ready for:

- A community of support to cheer you on what you have questions, feel confused or just want some connection

- A better understanding of Intuitive Eating with tangible tools. 

- Building confidence, connection and trust with your own body to find more control and balance.

Then this is the space for you! 

What You Will Find Inside 

⭐️  A community of fellow anti-dieters and aspiring intuitive eaters

⭐️  The ability to access a matched accountability partner so you're not doing this work alone. 

⭐️  An active community board where members connect with each other, post questions and ideas, and support each other on this journey together.

⭐️  Monthly themes designed to educate, inspire and keep you moving forward on your journey to food balanced, freedom, satisfaction & happiness!

⭐️  Coaching videos from me, on all things related to Intuitive Eating & Intuitive living! Plus, space for you to ask any and all questions you have. 

⭐️  Monthly happy hour virtual meet-ups. These Zoom sessions are a safe, friendly space where you can get to know your community, make amazing connections, and friends for life!

⭐️  Insider access to me - I’m in the group daily communicating with you and making sure you have all the support you need!

⭐️  Spontaneous added events with special guests and additional training!

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